ART Ii Biennale

Since 2008 the ART Ii Biennale of Northern Environmental and Sculpture Art has produced artworks to the cultural heritage areas of Ii and to the environmental art park located in the immediate vicinity of Highway 4.

The central theme in the biennales has been the northern landscape and the people in the middle of it. As is typical of environmental art, the works of the ART Ii Biennale are not only positioned in a specific location but their birth is affected by the temporal, local, and cultural circumstances of the location in question. At the same time, however, something new is always created. The ART Ii Biennale combines the treasuring of cultural heritage and phenomena of contemporary art. It also gives the local people and the international art community a chance to come together and interact. The sense of community indeed adds a special touch to the biennale.

The artworks are constructed in the beautiful nature of Ii intersected by winding rivers with the help of local volunteers during the ten-day workshops. In addition to constructing these works, the biennale is host to separate cultural programs for children and youth, a master class directed to professional artists, an expert seminar, and a community art project. All this results in a unique art event demonstrating the power of northern art.

The Art Ii Biennale is produced by the KulttuuriKauppila Art Centre in Ii.